Shipping & Delivery | Cherub Pores

Where Do We Ship?

Cherub Pores ships worldwide, as we have warehouses in all corners of the globe.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We offer free standard shipping and free international shipping. Shipping times vary on location, but here are some estimates for locations.

How Long Does Shipping And Delivery Take? 

Asia: 11-14 Business Days 

Australia: 12- 14 Business Days

Africa: 14-16 Business Days

North America: 6-7 Business Days


South America: 11-14 Business Days

Europe: 11-14 Business Days

Standard processing usually takes about 24-72 hours. After those 24- 72 hours have been completed we ship out your order.  

What Happens If My Order Doesn't Arrive?

In the result that your order takes longer than 30 days to arrive, you are entitled to a refund. However now that we have managed our stock and shipping logistics we are no longer affected by the backlogs COVID-19 has caused.

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